Wheat is known for our strong Scandinavian design traditions, unique hand-drawn signature prints as well as creating designs that focuses on quality and comfort. Each design is therefore carefully tailored and well fitted to the various needs of children and offers a perfect fit that ensures the child’s freedom of movement.

But beyond creating collections that inspire parents to buy good quality products for their children, Wheat is dedicated to minimizing our negative impact on the planet and work towards being even more responsible with our production and designs.


At Wheat, we have chosen to use the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as a stepping stone in our work
with responsibility. We have focused on different initiatives, which have been selected based on the negative impact
we as a clothing brand has on the planet, and where we can make a difference. These initiatives are connected to
SDG’s Global Goals 7, 12, 14 and 15. We have chosen these four as our main goals, as it’s here we can make the biggest changes. But at the same time, we are directly or indirectly connected to all the 17 Global Goals.

With these goals, we want to continue to take active steps towards working together with our suppliers towards
having a higher proportion of renewable energy in our production. It is important to us, to have transparency within
our production and creating products with the entire product’s life circle in mind.



Responsibility Report

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2021 (Q3&Q4)

Responsibility Report

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