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Thermo for baby and kids

Thermo wear is particularly suitable in the transitional months when your child needs to be covered in light and warm outerwear. Our thermo material consists of three layers of fabric and is highly insulated as well as partially waterproof. In addition, Thermo is soft and comfortable to wear and has the ability to breathe. We offer thermo suits, thermo pants and thermo jackets for children, that are easy to put on, even for infants. In this category you will find styles in adorable colors and cute prints, this is what characterizes our Danish design.

Our high quality thermo material is fluorine- and PFC-free and certified with Oeko-Tex® Standart.

Thermo Clothing from Wheat

Thermo is the perfect solution for the transitional period, in spring and autumn. Our thermowear offers waterproof and windproof properties as well as a lot of mobility and is soft and comfortable to wear. The light, 3-layered thermo material further secures the kids’ right body temperature. Our thermo outerwear offers practical features, such as reflectors on the back, thumb holes, soft cuffs and hoodies - assuring both babies and children are perfectly equipped when it’s getting colder.

Thermo Jackets, Thermo Pants and Thermo Suits for Children

We offer thermo jackets, thermo pants and thermo suits for babies and children in all children’s sizes. Our most popular thermo jacket is called Loui and our most popular pants are named Alex. Especially popular for kindergarten children is our thermo suit Harley, as it protects the child from head to toe. Due to its wind and water repellent functionality it perfectly protects the small ones against wind and cold.

Thermo Outerwear in all Baby and Children's sizes

We offer thermo suits, thermo pants and thermo jackets for boys and girls from 0 to 14 years in the following sizes:

Size 62, size 68, size 74, size 80, size 86, size 92, size 98, size 104, size 110, size 116, size 122, size 128, size 140, size 152.

Sale and offers on Thermo Clothing

Looking for affordable children thermowear? Then you should pay a visit to our sale category, there you will find great offers on our children's thermo clothes. This category is constantly updated with new offers at great prices.

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