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Timeless Scandinavian design, high quality and comfort and unique hand-drawn prints that reflect nature and the children's world. Children's clothing from Wheat is created for life's big and small adventures and to be played with and lived in. Again and again.



Since its founding in 2002, Wheat has grown into an international brand and one of the most popular in Scandinavia. The desire from the start was to dress children as cleanly and responsibly as possible, and the nature around us and the children's world is still our greatest source of inspiration. Today we are proud to present clothes, outerwear, shoes and accessories for children with a good conscience and with a continued mission to develop the most delicious materials when it comes to both comfort and practicality. This is how we create clothes that both you and your child will love.



Concern for the environment has been part of Wheat's DNA from the beginning, and with each collection we work to take even more responsibility for our planet and future generations. We do this by using as natural, clean and recycled materials as possible—and by processing them under safe, gentle and good conditions. We also attach great importance to the lifespan of the clothes, which is why quality has always been a key concept in our way of thinking about sustainability. Get good advice on how to give your child's clothes as long a life as possible here.

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Quality First


We select our materials based on what best suits the product's design and function, while at the same time we want to ensure that we reduce the product's CO2 footprint as much as possible. This means that we prioritize natural, organic and recyclable materials in our collections. We always get certificates for our organic and recycled meter goods from our suppliers to ensure that they are materials that we can vouch for. It is important to us to only use materials that make sense for our products and customers. Cotton is the primary material used in Wheat's main collection and we have worked over a long period to convert from conventional cotton to organic cotton. You can read more about our choice of materials here.

Our home


Wheat's head office is located in Gentofte, Denmark, where we have created an inspiring environment for the Wheat family to grow in. When we renovated our former warehouse, we focused on recycled materials and we are working to create an office that is CO2 neutral . The head office is now up and running with solar cells on the roof, a fitness centre, a beautiful courtyard with herbs and flowers and a beautiful showroom that sets the framework for our collections.


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"We consider it an honor to design clothes with the children in focus. Children should have the freedom to move and play comfortably in durable materials that can last for all their adventures."