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Are you looking for a good jacket for your child? At Wheat, you will find a wide selection of children's jackets and junior jackets for every season. Find everything from a warm lined children's jacket to a waterproof jacket for kids - naturally without Fluor and PFC.

Find beautiful jackets for children in good quality

At Wheat, we have a wide selection of children's jackets of high quality. Our jackets for children are created with a great passion for the environment and with inspiration from nature, hence the children's jackets are completely free of fluor and PFC substances. Moreover, our children's jackets are Oeko-Tex certified, ensuring that you can confidently choose a children's jacket from us, as they are gentle for both your child and the environment. Our designs combine functionality with style, and we strive to offer the best options to keep your child comfortable all year round.

Jackets for children that withstand play

Our jackets for children are durable, because children should be able to play in them. Therefore, you can also read about the jackets' technical properties on each product page. You can, among other things, read about the water column pressure, which tells how water repellent the children's jacket is. When we write that the water column pressure, for example, is 8,000 mm, it means that the water column pressure is the amount of water measured in millimeters. So the higher the water pressure, the more the children's jacket can withstand.

Buy a waterproof children's jacket

If you're looking for a waterproof children's jacket, there are several different variants you can look for. The water column pressure is always a good indication of how much water the children's jacket can withstand. It's also always a good idea to check whether the jacket is water-repellent or waterproof. Therefore, keep in mind what the jacket will be used for when you look at the different children's jacket models. A hidden zipper also helps to keep the water out.

Soft fleece jackets for children

Our Teddy and fleece jackets for children are always a hit for cooler days. The fleece jackets are wonderfully warm and made in a lovely soft material called pile. Several of our jackets for children have fleece lining, which insulates well on cold days. See our children's jackets with lining among our softshell jackets.

Which children's jacket should you choose for the season?

Depending on the season, there are many options for choosing children's jackets. It is important to choose different children's jackets depending on the season to ensure that your child is comfortable all year round.

Children's jackets for all seasons

With us, you can find both fine transition jackets for children. Perfect for the changeable Danish spring and autumn. You may also consider buying a fleece as a spring jacket and supplement with a softshell on top, so it is a two-layer autumn jacket for children.

We have ensured that you can find children's jackets for all seasons and situations. At Wheat, you can find:

-        Fleece jackets for children

-        Thermo jackets for children

-        Rain jackets for children

-        Anoraks for children

-        Wind jackets for children

-        Quilted jackets

When autumn or winter really sets in, you can invest in a good pair of overalls. A sure winner, when it's wet, gray and below freezing is, of course, our warm flight suits.

Wide range of sizes - find the right one

Our jackets for children come in many different sizes. The children's jackets are for children aged between 2 and 12 years. If you're looking for baby jackets, we also have that. You can also take a look at all our jackets to see our entire range.

Children & Junior jacket sizes

In our extensive range of jackets for juniors, you will find the following sizes:

-        Children's jacket size 92

-        Children's jacket size 98

-        Children's jacket size 104

-        Children's jacket size 110

-        Children's jacket size 116

-        Children's jacket size 122

-        Children's jacket size 128

-        Children's jacket size 140

-        Children's jacket size 152

You can always check our size guide if you are unsure about what size your child needs.

If the size doesn't fit - 60 days return policy

If you're unfortunate and have ordered the wrong size, you can make use of our 60 days return policy. This way, you can shop with the confidence that you will find the right jacket for your child. You also get free shipping for purchases over 499 kr.

Buy jackets for children at Wheat

When you choose Wheat for buying jackets for children, you choose quality for your child. Our jackets are designed with a focus on comfort, so your children feel good and are ready to play.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact our customer service at info@wheat.dk.

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