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Outerwear for kids and babies

On this page we offer a large selection of kids' outerwear for every season and weather condition. Our Wheat children's outerwear is available in different variations, we offer: Outdoor suits, rainwear, thermo, softshell, outdoor pants as well as coats and Puffer jackets. Our entire outdoor collection is PFC-free and certified by OEKO-TEX®. Wheat outerwear offers numerous practical features, such as reflectors, detachable hoods, various pockets and adjustable elastic bands. Further functional features are listed under every single product description.

Children's outerwear for girls and boys

Whether on a trip to the beach or in the forest, at the playground or with the sledge downhill... children love to play in the nature! Even on cold days, actively playing is often connected to sweating. Therefore, the functionality of the children’s clothing is of high importance, so that it allows breathability and at the same time keep warm and dry. Depending on the needs, we offer outdoor clothing in high-quality materials suitable for the different weather conditions. From jackets, snowsuits to rainwear for children... At Wheat you can shop all seasonal styles that cover your child outerwear needs throughout the year.

The everchanging Scandinavian weather: Thermo, Rainwear & Softshell

The wind is blowing, skies are grey and suddenly rain is pouring down… With our Danish heritage we are used to ever changing and unpredictable weather conditions. Therefore, we have developed functional styles suitable to any kind of weather. In Denmark it rains approximately 179 days per year, meaning that rainwear is a basic item for every child’s wardrobe. With its high water resistance (8.000 mm), Wheat kids rainwear can withstand heavy rain and is additionally soft and comfortable to wear. Another product group is our thermo outerwear, which is particularly suitable for the transitional months when children need comfortable outerwear which is light and warm to wear. Our thermo material is very pleasant and comfortable and gives plenty of space to breathe. Additionally, our softshell for children is very popular as well. Softshell is a material that ensures the right body temperature by separating excess heat from the body. Softshell is particularly useful as transitional clothing that offers a lot of comfort, mobility and functionality.

When it’s getting cold outside

Snowsuits for children are a must-have when it is getting colder in autumn and winter. Our cozy snowsuits cover the child from top to toe and protect it from wind, snow and rain. We offer a great selection of beautiful and practical snowsuits for children with high water resistance (10.000 mm), breathability, best quality and in our beautiful Danish design. Our snowsuits offer many practical features as detachable hood, adjustable waist, reflective details and many more. More information for the single styles can be found under every product description.

What is the meaning of water resistance in children’s outerwear?

The water resistance measures how waterproof a material is. The higher the water column pressure, the more waterproof is the jacket, suit or trousers. The water resistance indicates the water pressure the material can withstand before water penetrates through the fabric. Meaning that the specification indicates the limit from which a material becomes permeable to water. Depending on what kind of outerwear your child needs, whether it is for the everyday trip to school or playing and climbing in the forest, you can find that for some activities a high water resistance is more important than others.
Information on the water resistance of the individual products can be found in every single product page. The meaning of water resistance values:

Less than 2.000 mm - not waterproof.
Over 3.000 mm - for light rain showers.
Over 5.000 mm - suitable for a few hours in moderate rain.
Over 8.000 mm - suitable for several hours in heavy rain.
Over 10.000 mm - for long stays in heavy rain and snow.
Over 15.000 mm - not required in normal European weather conditions.

What is the meaning of breathability in children’s outerwear?

The term breathability is a term for water vapor permeability. Breathability describes how quickly body heat or water vapor can be transported outside through one square meter of material within 24 hours. The water vapor is measured in grams and given as g/ m2. The higher the value, the more breathable the outerwear. Especially when the child is playing in their outerwear, breathability is important to prevent the child from sweating even when playing and running around. Thus, breathable outerwear ensures a comfortable, dry climate and prevents intense sweating and overheating.
The importance of breathability values when playing:

Over 2.000 g / m2 - if the child does not sweat.
Over 5.000 g / m2 - if the child is actively playing and sweats little.
Over 8.000 g / m2 - if the child is actively playing for several hours.

Outdoor clothing in baby and children's sizes

We offer outdoor wear for kids in the form of jackets, suits and outdoor trousers for boys and girls from 0 to 14 years in the following sizes:
Size 62, size 68, size 74, size 80, size 86, size 92, size 98, size 104, size 110, size 116, size 122, size 128, size 140, size 152.