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A snowsuit is an absolute must-have for the winter! At Wheat you will find many beautiful and practical snowsuits for kids with a high level of water resistance, breathability and the best quality for durability. We offer a selection of snowsuits in Danish design reflected in adorable colors and cute prints for both girls and boys. Many practical features, such as detachable hoods, side pockets, front pockets, elastic cuffs and rubber bands under the feet ensure high functionality. In addition, reflectors assure greater visibility and the associated safety in the dark. All our snowsuits are certified with OEKO-TEX® and free from harmful fluorides, so it is safe for your child to spend time in the snowsuit during cold winter days.

The right snowsuit for children

What is important when buying a snowsuit for your child? Especially during winter, it is of high importance to equip your child with warm and functional clothes. Snowsuits cover the child from top to toe and are due to several functionalities one of the most popular winter clothes for children. Whether on a trip to the forest, the playground or the next ski trip, a snowsuit offers your child all-round protection from snow, wind and rain and keeps it warm and dry during outdoor activities. Due to our Danish brand heritage, we are used to Scandinavian weather conditions including wind, rain and cold. We know what it needs to produce functionable outerwear, which is why we offer a large selection of kids’ outdoor suits from ski suits, snowsuits to Puffer suits for children. Countless practical features contribute to great functionality, the high-water resistance of the styles provide plenty of protection against moisture.

Shop the perfect snowsuit online

Children love to play outside regardless of the weather. Whether in rain or snow, it is important that a snowsuit for the child is robust and keeps warm and dry. Since romping around is most likely connected to sweating, we focus on offering wind and waterproof snowsuits with good isolation and breathability, ensuring the right body temperature. Our snowsuit for children withstands water pressure with a water resistance of 10.000 mm and thus protects against heavy rain and snow. Features like detachable hoods and fake fur give freedom to adjust as desired and adjustable rubber straps at the feet assure, that no dirt or water can enter the shoes or boots. All outdoorsuits are equipped with a soft fleece lining, elasticated cuffs and bottom hem, YKK zippers with zip garage for chin protection and reflective details. With a Wheat snowsuit you don’t need to be concerned about letting your child out to play even when it is freezing cold outside!

Why a high breathability when buying a snowsuit?

The water resistance measures how waterproof a material is. The higher the water column pressure, the more waterproof is the snowsuit. The water resistance indicates the water pressure the material can withstand before water penetrates through the fabric. Meaning that the specification indicates the limit from which a material becomes permeable to water. Depending on what kind of snowsuit your baby or child needs, whether it is for playing in the snow, crawling around or sitting in the stroller, you can find that for some activities a high water resistance is more important than others. You can find information about the water resistance of the individual snowsuits under our product information on every single product page.
The meaning of water resistance values:
Less than 2.000 mm - not waterproof.
Over 3.000 mm - for light rain showers.
Over 5.000 mm - suitable for a few hours in moderate rain.
Over 8.000 mm - suitable for several hours in heavy rain.
Over 10.000 mm - for long stays in heavy rain and snow.
Over 15.000 mm - not required in normal European weather conditions.

Why a high-water resistance when buying a snowsuit?

Breathability is a term for water vapor permeability. It describes how quickly body heat or water vapor can be transported outside through one square meter of material within 24 hours. The water vapor is measured in grams and given as g/ m2. The higher the value, the more breathable the snowsuit. Especially when the child is playing in the snowsuit, breathability is important to prevent the child from sweating even when playing and running around. Thus, the breathable snowsuit ensures a comfortable, dry climate and prevents intense sweating and overheating.

The importance of breathability values when playing:
Over 2.000 g / m2 - if the child does not sweat.
Over 5.000 g / m2 - if the child is actively playing and sweats little.
Over 8.000 g / m2 - if the child is actively playing for several hours.

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