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Jackets and Anoraks for babies

Babies are a lot more balanced when they are in the fresh air everyday where they discover the world from a stroller, buggy or carrier. Toddlers, however like to be outside to romp around, to run and to play. For these purposes, the small ones need different jackets for every season, that are adapted to the weather conditions and the child’s current level of activity. Baby outerwear assure that being outside in the cold is possible and fun! In the transitional months in spring and autumn, we offer jackets like anoraks and windbreaker as well as a softshell or lightly padded jackets for babies. Whereas during winter seasons, you can choose from cute padded baby anoraks and jackets in waterproof and breathable materials. Especially when it comes to baby clothing, thought-through designs and functions are what really matters! Our jackets for babies score with features as amongst others 2 zippers for a wide opening, making it easier to change the infant, whereas reflective details assure better visibility in the dark. Our comfortable, cuddly soft, supple and breathable baby jackets are available in many cute designs and flower prints.

Jackets in all baby sizes

We offer baby jackets for boys and girls from 0 to 2 years and in the following sizes:
Size 62, size 68, size 74, size 80, size 86, size 92.

Wheat baby jackets sale and offers

Looking for affordable baby jackets? Then you should pay a visit to our sale category, there you will find great offers on our jackets. This category is constantly updated with new offers and reduced prices.